Wednesday, 16 March 2011

a debater , and a friend :)

ALIAH NAZAMUSA (stage name)


school ? SSP
age ? 16

hahahaa. there you go aliah.
first of all , sorry i took your picture w/o permission
dun worry , this picture still looks cute :D
i took it from your profile picture album
as everybody will pick their very best pictures as profile pictures *winkwink 
(i'm crapping . conclusion : profile picture album = best pictures album)

hahah !
she's a debater
and of course , she can be very mean , sometimes .
conclusion , she's nice :D
we're friends since last year , during the sch holidays:)
yeah .. 
and yeah , one of the most trusted friends of mine (for non-TKC)
okay aliah !
till then :D