Wednesday, 25 May 2011

iPhone that dad JUST bought!

there u go, the iPhone

man! dad just bought the iPhone.
since dad has like 3 other phones, he agreed to give me his iPhone 4 
used it only for few days and it went insane
silly iPhone
silly me 

silly maid !

u, such a freaking silly maid!
i dunno why on earth my mom's hiring u !
she can't even wash my clothes .
okay.. i know she wanted to teach me a lesson by washing my clothes like she never done it before.
it was so obvious as my parents' clothes smelled just fine!

ughhh! i know she's mad at me because i was too FRANK to her.
she supposes to go back at 5 p.m every evening but she went back at 4.00.
why did she do that ? because my mom wasn't home!
like duhh! obviously my mom wasn't home. she had work to do.

and i asked her (as if i didn't know anything)
"i thought u supposed to go back at 5?"
and she felt insulted i guess.
like duhhh. it's your fault, not mine! 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

AWESOME dinner !

mom and dad came home late..
so mom didn't cook anything. dad suggested to go out for a dinner .
so drove off to this one restaurant somewhere in Kota Kinabalu .
we ordered Chinese Cuisines as dad really loves that food -.-"
plus, he was the one who's gonna pay so yeah ....

those were the dishes that we had

dad asked me to order what i wanted .. so i ordered Lobster With Cold Salad.
dad ordered the fish (Tiger something.can't remember)
mom, as usual would be the vege person with her mushrooms
my sisters ordered Prawn With Cheese
and lastly
my youngest brother ordered soup.
drinks ? as usual. juices and green tea.

mom with the lobster

We sat at the VIP room as it was raining.
but it's always like that because izhan can't live without air-cond -.-" spoilt brat!
and we ate for like couple of hours

meet my younger sis.Alynn

what shocked us the most ....
we only had like 7 dishes and the bill was RM 500/180USD -.-"
usually .. it wont exceed RM300 but that night was -.-"
mom said..

"nahh it's's better for us to spend the money on our food rather than just losing it somewhere on the earth.think the good side of it"

that was what she said..
but i liked the lobster though!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

fashion show and the babes.

look at this!
putri and i are so tiny compared to them!
they're so tall and pretty
the one who stands next to me is 16 yrs old!
for god's sake, she's my age !

look at them !
especially Charlyn (with white dress)
they're so tall n pretty
but..the fact is..
they're only about my age -.-"
all the babes
so pretty !

we really enjoyed the moment together!

meet my cousins :D

Putri Nurul Asyiqin

There she goes.Putri:). 
My lovely cousin.
she looks like korean or japanese right ?
we bought the dresses (above) together
i supposed to wear her dress n she supposed to wear mine
but we exchanged 

whatever it is !
we are sooo gonna hang out together
coz we enjoy doing it :D


she's the one who stands on my right hand side.
k.ziezie, that is what i call her .
well..unlike putri..she's my cousin from my mom's side
n putri is from my dad's side
well.they are so pretty right?
this pic was taken at the fashion show
we can only meet up during sch holidays :(
because we're freaking busy ladies.

wtv it is.
they are my lovely cousins 

Friday, 20 May 2011

that was a BEAUTIFUL nightmare -.-"

she came into my dormitory 
walking slowly
glancing at every single mankind presents there
and it happened too fast

in her small "gifted" hands
she already had 2 sets of phones with the chargers
and she started to walk around
looking for another preys ...

okay.this is the non-literacy version of the true-sch-story

we were all in the dorm.
laughing around after we recited al-mulk
and then..HEM came in
she was so small 
that's why nobody notices her.
so...she took all the forbidden stuffs and props
she went to the lockers and opened the drawers 
she got what she wanted


i know am wrong.

(1) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when she knows she is RIGHT & YOU need to SHUT UP. 
(2) NOTHING: Means SOMETHING & you need to be WORRIED. 
(3) GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission, do NOT do it. 
(4) WHATEVER: A woman's way of saying SCREW YOU. 
(5) THAT'S OK: She is thinking long & hard on HOW & WHEN you will pay for your mistake.

okay.i know i use all stated above. but that's me.nothing can change me.sorry.
but i know i would lessen the usage.
i promise.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Darn it !

what the hell ?
my ETR (Expected T..... Result, i guess ? ) for Bahasa Melayu is 86 ??!!
darn it ! how on earth am i suppose to get it ?


this is killing me !

exhausted !

1st of May .
it's OGA day ! :D
it was kinda fun as i met lots of peeps .
i didn't really mean the word 'LOTS' but got some laaaaa ...

I met my TITAN state mate who is very friendly and pretty .
well , i walked with her right after i stepped out from the hall until she had to go to SICKBAY due to period pain ! 
kinda funny because she's out of the sch already but she was still using COLLEGE ONE AND ONLY SICKBAY ! 
thanks to Sharifah a.k.a Sherry's aunt who actually introduced her to me .
i had to accompany Sherry and her aunt but if she wasn't there ..
i'm not sure who am i supposed to talk to .

second , k.june 

well . now , it was sherry's turn to accompany me but i pitied her because i know that we're gonna be like walking around the college so she went back after 15 mins with us .
and k.june kept forgetting her stuff at places . -.-"
the first time was at the hall , then at my dorm when she was talking to Radhie . 
but that's fine i guess .

and also i bought this small nice-baked chicken pie (was it baked ? )
haha . 
the best thing of all was there was no English Debate Training Session !
weeee . K.affifah got food poisoning . awww. get well soon :D

that's all i guess . though they said this would be the last time for us celebrating OGA Day in Bukit Merbah .. but i really don't think so .
haha . who doesn't lnow Tuku Kurshiah College ?
They've been telling the same thing since we were 13 that we're moving to another sch which never happened . it's been 3 years ! haha . 
well . wtv it is . i was damn EXHAUSTED though it was a total fun .

what a statement !

a person : vivi , you're damn complicated !
me : i never said that i was easy .

I might be damn complicated for you to understand
but there are people 
who still understand me

and plus
i never said that i was easy 
because i know