Sunday, 1 May 2011

exhausted !

1st of May .
it's OGA day ! :D
it was kinda fun as i met lots of peeps .
i didn't really mean the word 'LOTS' but got some laaaaa ...

I met my TITAN state mate who is very friendly and pretty .
well , i walked with her right after i stepped out from the hall until she had to go to SICKBAY due to period pain ! 
kinda funny because she's out of the sch already but she was still using COLLEGE ONE AND ONLY SICKBAY ! 
thanks to Sharifah a.k.a Sherry's aunt who actually introduced her to me .
i had to accompany Sherry and her aunt but if she wasn't there ..
i'm not sure who am i supposed to talk to .

second , k.june 

well . now , it was sherry's turn to accompany me but i pitied her because i know that we're gonna be like walking around the college so she went back after 15 mins with us .
and k.june kept forgetting her stuff at places . -.-"
the first time was at the hall , then at my dorm when she was talking to Radhie . 
but that's fine i guess .

and also i bought this small nice-baked chicken pie (was it baked ? )
haha . 
the best thing of all was there was no English Debate Training Session !
weeee . K.affifah got food poisoning . awww. get well soon :D

that's all i guess . though they said this would be the last time for us celebrating OGA Day in Bukit Merbah .. but i really don't think so .
haha . who doesn't lnow Tuku Kurshiah College ?
They've been telling the same thing since we were 13 that we're moving to another sch which never happened . it's been 3 years ! haha . 
well . wtv it is . i was damn EXHAUSTED though it was a total fun .

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