Saturday, 21 May 2011

meet my cousins :D

Putri Nurul Asyiqin

There she goes.Putri:). 
My lovely cousin.
she looks like korean or japanese right ?
we bought the dresses (above) together
i supposed to wear her dress n she supposed to wear mine
but we exchanged 

whatever it is !
we are sooo gonna hang out together
coz we enjoy doing it :D


she's the one who stands on my right hand side.
k.ziezie, that is what i call her .
well..unlike putri..she's my cousin from my mom's side
n putri is from my dad's side
well.they are so pretty right?
this pic was taken at the fashion show
we can only meet up during sch holidays :(
because we're freaking busy ladies.

wtv it is.
they are my lovely cousins 

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