Wednesday, 25 May 2011

silly maid !

u, such a freaking silly maid!
i dunno why on earth my mom's hiring u !
she can't even wash my clothes .
okay.. i know she wanted to teach me a lesson by washing my clothes like she never done it before.
it was so obvious as my parents' clothes smelled just fine!

ughhh! i know she's mad at me because i was too FRANK to her.
she supposes to go back at 5 p.m every evening but she went back at 4.00.
why did she do that ? because my mom wasn't home!
like duhh! obviously my mom wasn't home. she had work to do.

and i asked her (as if i didn't know anything)
"i thought u supposed to go back at 5?"
and she felt insulted i guess.
like duhhh. it's your fault, not mine! 

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