Tuesday, 24 May 2011

AWESOME dinner !

mom and dad came home late..
so mom didn't cook anything. dad suggested to go out for a dinner .
so drove off to this one restaurant somewhere in Kota Kinabalu .
we ordered Chinese Cuisines as dad really loves that food -.-"
plus, he was the one who's gonna pay so yeah ....

those were the dishes that we had

dad asked me to order what i wanted .. so i ordered Lobster With Cold Salad.
dad ordered the fish (Tiger something.can't remember)
mom, as usual would be the vege person with her mushrooms
my sisters ordered Prawn With Cheese
and lastly
my youngest brother ordered soup.
drinks ? as usual. juices and green tea.

mom with the lobster

We sat at the VIP room as it was raining.
but it's always like that because izhan can't live without air-cond -.-" spoilt brat!
and we ate for like couple of hours

meet my younger sis.Alynn

what shocked us the most ....
we only had like 7 dishes and the bill was RM 500/180USD -.-"
usually .. it wont exceed RM300 but that night was -.-"
mom said..

"nahh it's okay..it's better for us to spend the money on our food rather than just losing it somewhere on the earth.think the good side of it"

that was what she said..
but i liked the lobster though!

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